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New: Equalizer Pack (12 video loops)

We have just released 12 new video loops for you to download.

Please welcome the Equalizer Pack!

Your audio has never looked more visual than with these visual representations of audio frequency responses. They also just look nice. Enjoy!

You can download these video loops from our website.


Free Loops at Bring Your Own Beamer Zaandam

On the 22nd of October, we gave a VJ workshop at the Bring Your Own Beamer gathering in Zaandam. It was amazing to see all the projections! We decided to make our projection a little different by mapping our video on the naturally present triangle on the wall. Then we added two boards on each side and mapped our projection on those as well.


The workshop was open for anyone to join and we met so many interesting people!


At one point during the evening, a group of children stopped by and they started playing with our videoloops.

free-loops-byob-3 As you can see, they were instantly hooked. I guess we saw some upcoming VJ superstars at work for the first time that night!


It was great fun! Thank you all for joining and we look forward to the next edition!



Free Loops spotted by VJ Domi

VJ Domi (Dominic van Buul) is a real multi talent, working as a VJ, filmmaker and animator. He is the house VJ at Red Cup Party (Tivoli Vredenburg, Melkweg, Patronaat, Gebr de Nobel). VJ Domi is also the creator of our recently released Halloween Pack 2.


VJ Domi shared these recent party pics with us where you can see him using various Free Loops videoloops at Red Cup Party: Halloween.


Photo credits:
Featured Image, Photo 1, 2, 3, 5 by Maan.
Photo 4 by Het Rijk Alleen.

The loops are from the Halloween Pack 2 and from our Smoke Slow Motion Pack.

Thank you for sharing, VJ Domi!


Geometrix Pack (22 videoloops)

We have just released a great new pack of 22 videoloops: the Geometrix Pack!

Created by our super intern Ali, this pack consists of spinning shapes shattering screens, simultaneously showing sensational sweeps! Or in other words: geometric primitives moving through 3D space in a techno type environment!

Download: Download Geometrix Pack (22 videoloops)